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Leavenworth Cleaning Service delivers high quality cleaning services in and around our city for a unbeatable price. You are guaranteed hassle free pricing, reliable servicing, and consistent quality when you contact us for any cleaning need. We have standard services that will fit almost all needs such as house cleaning, laundry service, move in / out cleaning, deep cleaning, green & eco-friendly cleaning, office cleaning, but also are able to provide flexible custom services to fit any circumstance. 

Call us today for any cleaning need you have! A lot of people over-spend by paying for services they either don’t receive or never needed in the first place. To avoid this mismatch of services and needs, we prefer to give prices quickly over the phone. Your easy and satisfactory experience is our first priority, and our friendly staff will quickly give you a personalized price and service that perfectly fits your needs. We’ve found this is a powerful way to save money and time for our customers.

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We Provide Full Housekeeping Services
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Office Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning
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Intensive House Cleaning for All Needs

If you searched for cleaning services near me, cleaning service near me, house cleaners near me, house cleaning services near me, maid service near me, commercial cleaning services near me, you’ve come to the right spot. Leavenworth Cleaning Service provides the #1 Cleaning service in and around Leavenworth Kansas. We take pride in our work, and our primary aim with each customer is to deliver such an amazing and easy experience that we’ll earn your repeat business for years to come. Thank you for visiting us today, and we hope to have the opportunity to help make your life more cleaner, organized, and more stress free.

House Cleaning Services in Leavenworth KS

We offer a wide range of flexible housekeeping, carpet cleaning, and commercial cleaning services in the Leavenworth area. While we have specific services outlined here on our website, we welcome any specific needs you might have that don’t fit into our general descriptions here. Just call us at ###-###-#### to describe your need and our amiable staff will present you with scheduling and pricing options.

+ House Cleaning (Residential Cleaning)

+ Office Cleaning (Commercial Cleaning)

+ Housekeeping and Laundry

+ Deep Cleaning

+ Eco-Friendly Cleaning & Green Cleaning Services

+ Move In / Out Cleaning (Apartments, Houses, etc)

+ Organization Services

cleaning service in leavenworth ks

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Reasons to Choose Leavenworth Cleaning Service

1. We're the #1 Most Reliable

We’re the #1 reliable cleaning service in the area. On-time, dependable, affordable, and high quality. We do what we’re expected to do, and we do it in the way we’re expected to do it! That’s reliability! A cleaning service is supposed to make your life easier, not harder. So what’s the deal with all the extra steps some companies put you through? It’s not that complicated. You tell us exactly what you need, we walk through it with you, and then from there on we dependably see that it’s taken care of at the interval we agreed on. This is cleaning, not rocket science. We’re here to make your life easier. Let’s keep it simple!

2. Expert Cleaning Professionals

We do it all. Window cleaning, carpet cleaning, home cleaning, housekeeping, office cleaning, green cleaning, and on and on. Cleaning may seem like a simple task, but there’s a big difference between a cheap service and a good one. Many less than professional cleaning companies will brush over important sanitation rules and codes to save a few dollars. That may fly for a one time cleaning, but not with us. We have strict quality assurance in place to ensure that every cleaning is as great as the last. As always, our aim is to give you such a great experience with us that we’ll earn your repeat business for many years to come. We will never skip over important steps. And in the extremely rare case that something is overlooked or not done how you wanted it, we immediately correct the situation without any hassle for you.

3. The Right Tools, Maintenance, and Techniques

There are plenty of tools that can make a maid service more effective. But if these tools and supplies are misused they can actually end up doing damage to surfaces and materials, as well as spreading germs, dust, and allergens instead of removing them! For example, misusing and improperly maintaining a vacuum cleaning can through dust up in the air instead of capturing it all. This will result in a light coating of dust on everything in the room, allergies, and reactions like red itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion, and fatigue. In other words, making your life harder, not easier. Our Leavenworth cleaning services are sure to use every spray, every wipe, and every type of tool properly in a way that increases the value of the space, not diminish it. You can count on us to get everything glossy and clean.

4. We're Local to the Leavenworth, Kansas, Area!

We’re not a local extension of a out of town regional or national company. All the cleaning services we provide are provided locally from Leavenworth. When you work with us, you’re helping a good and affordable local service do good work and provide the community with jobs and careers. There’s nothing wrong with large scale national corporations, but due to our locality, we’re able to provide a much more personable and flexible level of service and accommodation t our customers here and around town. GO PIONEERS! GO SPIRES!

5. Best Overall Value Around

Our affordable but high quality services, combined with our five star customer service experience make us the best overall value around. There’s a big difference between a dirt cheap service and a good one that’s affordable. With the first you end up paying something to get almost nothing out of it, and up with a headache of having to follow up. With the second, you get a great deal on a reliable cleaning service that gets the job done and done right. No headache, no follow up, no having to check up all the time. Just a quality reliable service that makes your life easier.

Call us now and ask about a first time service discount!

Five Star Customer Service

Our team at Leavenworth Cleaning Service is proud to provide quality cleaning services at very affordable prices while not compromising quality for our customers. The pride we feel for what we do shows in our work ethic and standards, as well as our five star customer service. You can count on us for reliable, responsible, and trustworthy hassle free service that makes your life easier.

A Cleaning Service You Can Trust

Most people look for a cheap service but want a quality result. Unfortunately, there is a huge difference between a cheap service and an affordable one that has high standards of quality. Here are a few things a cheap cleaning service might do:

  • Worsen Allergies by fake-cleaning: Sweeping dust and pet hair under furniture and behind objects instead of collecting it, worsening allergies that will cause red, itchy eyes, sneezing, congestion, and so on.
  • Spread bacteria with improper sanitation principles: Using dirty wipes and rags to clean your important surfaces after cleaning dirtier surfaces. Thereby spreading germs from the dirtiest places in your home or office to surfaces you touch regularly.
  • Diluting Important Cleaning Fluids to Save Money: Consequently reducing their effectiveness and lowering the quality of the cleaning.
  • Not Properly Vetting Employees: We’re very aware of the trust you place in us when you welcome our team members into your home or office space so we can clean and organize for you. All our team members are vetted intensively and are highly trustworthy. We would never breach that trust. There have been cheap services in the past who have not vetted employees thoroughly, and as a result customers began discovering items were missing after cleaning. 

When a cleaning company cuts corners on employee vetting and sanitation steps to save money and time, it ends up costing you more money and time. This is the opposite of what we work hard to achieve. We aim to make your life so much easier and to be so quietly reliable that we’ll earn your business for years to come. You can count on us. 

Wide Range of Cleaning Services

We offer a comprehensive range of of services from office cleaning or commercial cleaning to house cleaning and residential cleaning. Office cleaning, commercial cleaning, or industrial cleaning services are all provided here and are customized to  your specific need. In house cleaning, we have full room-by-room plans, as well as specific services like carpet cleaning, laundry, general housekeeping services, window cleaning, maid service, steam cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning & green cleaning, and so on. We’re proud to offer the most personalized cleaning service in the area, and are be able to accommodate your specific circumstances. Whatever your needs, call us today and our cordial staff will provide you with the best options and prices for you.

house cleaning services in leavenworth ks
cleaning service in leavenworth ks

House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Housekeeping


House Cleaning Services

Due to the flexible nature of the services we provide, our home cleaning services can include a lot of other ones as well. Floor cleaner, carpet cleaner, general maid service, housekeeping, laundry, and so on. We’ll adapt them to match your specific needs and requests. We offer many house cleaning services in Leavenworth KS so just call us up and we can figure out what you need.

Carpet Cleaning Services

There are many different ways to clean carpets. The big five are hot water extraction (or steam cleaner service), carpet shampooing, encapsulation, bonnet cleaning, and dry carpet cleaning. Carpet steam cleaning is incredible effective, but can take up to an hour depending on the size of the space, and will take several hours to dry. Shampooing used to be very popular but nowadays is less so due to the because it can take a very long time to dry and get quite dirty in the meantime. Encapsulation and bonnet cleaning typically clean superficially and don’t truly get deep into the carpet like a carpet steam cleaner does. And lastly, dry carpet cleaning, a relatively new development that allows us to clean your carpet without disturbing anyone or requiring a lengthy drying process. Dry carpet cleaning works by mixing a dry biodegradable ingredient into the inner body of the carpet with the cleaner, which absorb dirt, grime, and bacteria. Shortly after the biodegradable ingredient and the now attached “dirtiness” are vacuumed out. To get your carpets cleaned, just call us for our carpet cleaning services Lleavenworth KS!

Organizational Service

We do organization for all kinds of areas. From home organization to moving and unpacking organization.  Although this service isn’t typically part of a normal cleaning service offerings and typically costs more due to how time consuming it can be, we are happy to offer this service at very affordable prices for our city’s residents. We’re one of the few cleaning service Leavenworth KS to offer organizational service as well. Please call us at the number below and we’ll go through the service options available and how to get the best bang for your buck.

Laundry Service

Nobody likes to do laundry but everyone likes to put on that clean shirt or grab that fresh towel after a refreshing shower. It’s 2018, and there’s more to do in the world than ever before. People are busy. YOU’RE busy! There’s nothing wrong and everything right with delegating the less than fun things in your life to someone who can do it quickly, properly, and affordably, to make your life easier and more streamlined. Our laundry services have been described as “freeing,” “liberating,” and “freaking awesome!!” so give us a call if you think not doing your laundry would be kind of fun for a change!

Office Cleaning

Offices and commercial locations get dirty just like everywhere else. A clean office helps people focus and increase productivity, and a clean commercial location shows customers you take pride in your location. There are many benefits to keeping your office space clean, and it’s very affordable, so give us a call with your square footage today!

Move In / Out Cleaning

Whether you’re moving in or out, you’re going to want to reset the place. Moving into an apartment or house? Who knows what was in there or who was doing what where, right? Some moving out checklists are very lax and are only looking for serious damage. Well, it’s wise to clean a place thoroughly when you move in, especially if you have children. Our move in cleaning service will get your new home looking great in no time. Or if you’re moving out and want an easy, stress free experience knowing the place will be cleaned up and looking great, we can do that too. No reason to donate that security deposit! We’ll get it looking great for that walk-through. 

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service is essentially our standard clean with a greater emphasis on every little detail. If you haven’t used a cleaning service recently, there are certain areas that most people neglect. Our expert cleaners know exactly where to clean and where to look for problem spots. Due to the in-depth nature of deep cleaning, it is more time consuming and requires more effort, so please understand that we charge a bit more for this service. That is industry standard, however, and you’ll find the value of getting a cleansing deep clean is worth much more than the minor expense. It’s still a great deal, so give us a call today and we’ll be happy to make sure you’re happy.

Green Cleaning & Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Do you or someone you know have chemical sensitivities? Are you trying to decrease your exposure to strong chemicals? We are happy to accommodate you. Green cleaning is a method that uses products and services that have a reduced impact on human health and the environment compared to industry standard products. Most traditional cleaning products give off vapors that can be irritating or reactive for people nearby, and the fumes exiting the location can even contribute to air pollution.

While most of our customers are fine with using standard cleaning products, we are committed to providing green cleaning services to the Leavenworth area. In fact, We offer green cleaning services using products like Green Works at no extra charge. That is not industry standard. Most services will charge you extra. But we don’t believe you should be punished for your need to use organic cleaning and green cleaning products. Our low-impact products will make your home or office sparkle like new, all while being eco-friendly.

Window Cleaning

Windows get dirty. When it’s at your house, it hides your view of your home or makes your house look neglected. When it’s your office or commercial location, it makes the place look sloppy and un-cared for. But the truth is window cleaning is a cheap add-on service that carries a powerful punch in making your location beautiful. Call us today for any window cleaning needs you have!

Please see our service tab on the menu bar for more information about the services we offer.

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