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Deep House Cleaning in Leavenworth

deep house cleaning services leavenworth ksA good deep cleaning is the perfect service for many occasions. Preparing to have a lot of guests over for an important event? Are you hosting family for holidays? Nothing shows your family and guests that you take care of your home like having them arrive to an immaculately cleaned and tidy house. They’re guaranteed to be impressed and pleased. Not to mention it will protect them from germs, bacteria, bugs, and so on that they might have been exposed.

Another popular reason to have a deep house cleaning done in is for spring cleaning. After many months of being shut in over the winter, your house naturally collects dust and grime, and that can greatly influence how you feel. If you’ve been waking up kind of congested, have experienced red, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, sinus pressure fatigue, or have felt kind of foggy headed, it’s time to do a deep cleaning of your home. All those allergens sitting around invisibly fill your room, and as you move around you disturb them into the air where you breathe them in and they get in your eyes. As a result, you start feeling like you have a cold! But unlike a cold, you can’t just wait for it go away. As long as the dust and allergens are there, you’ll keep feeling this way. 

Move In / Out Deep House Cleaning

deep cleaning move in out leavenworth ksAnother very popular service for deep cleaning is for moving in and out. If you’re moving out, it’s pretty simple because you want to make sure you get your security deposit back. Or perhaps you’re planning on selling your house and moving out and you need it deep cleaned so it looks its best for interested buyers. For moving in, there are a lot more personally impactful reasons to do so. 

Firstly, you never know what’s been in a home, what’s been on or in the carpet, on the walls, and so on. It’s highly recommendable to have the house thoroughly cleaned before you move in, especially if you have children so none of you are inadvertently exposed to something that could harm you.  While there’s a rather small chance there’s anything there that could be a serious health threat, there are so many reasons to get a quality deep house cleaning that it just makes sense to do so. Again, especially if you have children or pets. 

A deep cleaning can disinfect against the common cold, flue, staph, salmonella, herpes, norovirus, hepatitis B, and E.coli. Plus it will thoroughly kill any mold and mildew and help to restore a pleasant smell in your new residence. Whether you’re deep cleaning your house or your commercial space, it’s one of the smartest things you can do.

What Our Deep House Clean Includes

Our deep house cleaning includes everything in our regular home cleaning service and then some. Every little detail is taken care of. If you have any specific needs or wants regarding your deep cleaning, we are happy to accommodate you and tailor to what you need. Because needs vary quite widely in deep cleaning, the best way to get the best deal and the best service package is to give us a quick call. Our cordial staff will pick up right away and be happy to get you all the hassle free info you need. In addition to the extensively enhanced standard clean, you are able to add-on specific services like cleaning interior windows, cleaning the walls, cleaning inside the cabinets and all drawers, oven cleaning inside and out, and even refrigerator inside and out.

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