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House Cleaning in Leavenworth

We’re happy to provide residential cleaning services to the Leavenworth area. If you’re looking for a local house cleaning service, then look no farther! We are here to help.

If having an immaculately kept up house appeals to you but you don’t have the time to clean and organize it yourself, give us a call. Our top notch cleaning services are operated by true cleaning professionals who’ll get the job done and get it done right. All our standard house cleaning plans include vacuuming and mopping of floors, basic cleaning of the bathrooms, dusting and wiping of all reachable surfaces, and wiping down of kitchen appliances and cabinets.  Below is more information regarding our regular house cleaning services. Please remember that every service is a bit different and is customized to your needs. Giving us a quick call is the fastest way to get quick and accurate affordable pricing with all the extra service.

Regular House Cleaning Services

Our regular house cleaning services include cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, the common room (such as dining or living room), and the bedrooms that you’ve chosen. You are always free to order extra services to go along with the basics, and we’ll be happy to bundle them together for you. Below is a basic list of things we do with each kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and common area:


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  • Wash & scrub sink
  • Clean microwave (inside & outside)
  • Wipe down mirrors and glass
  • Clean and wipe down cabinet faces
  • Wipe down appliances
  • Clean countertops
  • Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces 
  • Mop the floor
  • Take out all trash and recycling 


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  • Clean toilet, sink, and shower
  • Wipe down all mirrors and glass
  • Dust and wipe all reachable surfaces
  • Take out the trash
  • Mop the floor


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  • Dust and wipe all reachable areas
  • Wipe down any mirrors and glass
  • Mop and/or vacuum all floors
  • Take out trash and recycling
  • Make beds and change to fresh linens

Add-On Maid Services

If you’d like to extend your regular service into more in-depth services, we can simply add-on whatever you need and you get to save on bundling! Below is a list of add-on services that cost a bit extra due to the great increase in time, energy, and equipment. Many of these are popular stand-alone house cleaning services that we do all the time, and we’re happy to bundle them with your regular service for you.

Deep Cleaning (See our Deep Cleaning page!) +

Move In / Out Cleaning +

Organization Service +

Cleaning Interior or Exterior Windows +

Cleaning Interior Walls +

+ Cabinet Interior Cleaning

+ Inside the Fridge Cleaning

+ Interior Oven Cleaning

+ Doing a load of laundry

+ Deep carpet cleaning 


Leavenworth House Cleaning

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Flexible House Cleaning Services Available:

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