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Move Cleaning in Leavenworth KS

Move cleaning needs to be very thorough. Whether you need a move in cleaning or a move out cleaning, it will nearly always save you money and prevent discomfort in the long run. For many reasons, it is once of the absolute best things to do and we can’t recommend it strongly enough. Our move out cleaning and move in cleaning services are very affordable, very thorough, and we believe provide the best value and bang for your buck in the area. Give us a call for hassle free personalized pricing and the latest up-to-date information about our services!

Move In Cleaning / Move Out Cleaning

move out cleaning service leavenworth kansasFirst of all, if you’re moving out, then a move out cleaning will assure everything is clean for your exit walk-through making it much easier for you to get your full security deposit back. In most places, the cleanliness determines whether you get that security deposit back or if you get hit with “cleaning fees”. Getting an affordable cleaning service to sanitize the place and restore it’s glow could make the difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For those who are moving out and looking to sell or rent their house out, a thorough deep cleaning is probably the best thing you can do to improve people’s perception of your home’s value. Nothing looks good dirty, and deep house cleaning can easily add thousands of dollars to the perceived value 

Secondly: Germs, bacteria, staph, cold, flue, norovirus, hepatitis B, and E.coli. What do these all have in common? They could all invisibly exist inside the home you’re moving into! And worse, they could be all over common surfaces. Unfortunately there’s really no way of knowing exactly what is lying in wait for you in a new residence, but one thing you do have control over is cleaning it thoroughly before you move in. Our move in / out cleaning service is very thorough yet affordable, and will absolutely help protect you from these potential threats. Although there’s a relatively small chance anything super serious has been left inside, there is an overwhelming number of benefits to having it done. Especially if you have children, or pets, or if the previous owner had pets.

What Our Move Cleaning Service Includes

Our move in and move out cleaning services include everything our regular house cleaning services do, except with special focus on detail AND some bonus services like cleaning inside the cabinets and drawers, cleaning inside the oven, and inside and out refrigerator cleaning. The core cleaning includes washing and scrubbing the sinks, cleaning microwave inside and out, wiping down the mirrors and all glass, wiping down appliances, cleaning and disinfecting all reachable surfaces, mopping the floor, vacuuming any carpet, and much more. If you’d like to take your move cleaning service to the next level, we offer deep house cleaning services.

Move cleaning service in leavenworth

Move Cleaning Services Tailored To You

We are also able to tailor your move in / out cleaning to your specific needs by adding on services like cleaning the baseboards, cleaning interior windows and walls, and cleaning out the closets. These extra steps are quite time consuming as we’re sure you understand, so we have to charge extra for them. However, we’re happy to bundle them together with your other service to make them extremely affordable! For personalized pricing and the most up-to-date service details, please give us a call at the number below. One of our cordial staff members will quickly diagnose your needs and give the best hassle free price possible. 

Leavenworth Move Cleaning Service


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